IBProvider — Code examples for Firebird and InterBase on C++, VBScript, Delphi, ASP, ADO.Net, C#, VB.Net.

Samples for «LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB»
Sample # Guide to working with Firebird.
Sample 1 Usage of System.IO.Stream (C#)
Sample 2 Getting System.IO.Stream through OUT-parameter (C#)
Sample 3 Usage of System.IO.TextReader (C#)
Sample 4 Getting System.IO.TextReader through OUT-parameter (C#)
Sample 5 Execution of query "INSERT RETURNING" (C#)
Sample 5.c Execution of query "INSERT RETURNING" [Compact version] (C#)
Sample 6 Execution of query "INSERT RETURNING INTO" (C#)
Sample 6.c Execution of query "INSERT RETURNING INTO" [Compact version] (C#)
Sample 7 Write and read large (8GB) binary blob (C#)
Sample 8 Usage of OleDbDataReader.GetChars (C#)
Sample 9 Usage of OleDbDataReader.GetBytes (C#)
Sample 10 Creation and working with PACKAGE (C#, FB3)
Sample 11 OleDbDataAdapter and "INSERT RETURNING INTO" (C#)
Sample 12 Creation of provider through System.Data.Common.DbProviderFactories (C#)
Sample 13 Code Access Security and ADO.NET. Usage of OleDbPermission. (C#, NET4.x)
Sample 14 Work with native BOOLEAN datatype of Firebird and InterBase (C#, FB3, IB11)
Sample 15 Cancel of query execution (C#)
Sample 16 Cancel of query execution. Verification of implementation. (C#)
Sample 17 Parallel transactions within one connection. (C#)
Sample 18 Execution of the script with DDL queries and IN/OUT parameters. (C#)
Sample 19 Work with arrays in database table. (FB, C#)
Sample 20 Creation of database through ADO.NET provider. For Jedi only. (C#, Firebird 2.5+)
Sample 21 Collaboration of ADO.NET, ADODB and OLEDB technologies. (C#)
Sample 22 Work within ADODB connection. (C#)
Sample 25 Usage of connection pool from «LCPI OLE DB Services». (C#)
System.Data.OleDb samples
Sample 1 System.Data.OleDbDataAdapter and query "INSERT … RETURNING" (C#)
ASP samples
Sample 1 Getting data from database (VB)
Sample 2 Getting picture from database (VB)
Sample # Using IBProvider on the external web-hosting without component registering
ADO.Net samples
Sample 1 OLE DB Exceptions Handling C#, VB.Net)
Sample 2 Database Connection methods C#, VB.Net)
Sample 3 Work with Data Reader Object C#, VB.Net)
Sample 4 Connection Pooling C#, VB.Net)
Sample 5 ADO.Net Objects. Read and Write XML C#, VB.Net)
Sample 6.1 Data Grid Filling VB.Net)
Sample 6.2 Filter in Data Grid VB.Net)
Sample 7 Stored procedure. Obtaining of row set C#, FW 2.0)
Sample 8 DataGridView filling C#, FW 2.0)
Sample 9 How to insert image into the blob field C#, FW 2.0)
Sample # Using Firebird in ADO .Net guide. Part 1.
Sample # Part 2. Firebird and ADO .Net
Sample # Part 3. Firebird and ADO .Net
Sample # Using Firebird 2.0
Sample # Using Firebird 2.1
C++ and VB samples for Firebird and InterBase
Sample 1 Connection to DataBase (VB, C++)
Sample 2 Work with resulting set (VB, C++)
Sample 3 Work with command (VB, C++)
Sample 4 Work with BLOB field (VB, C++)
Sample 5 Arrays reading (VB)
Sample 6 Arrays writing (VB)
Sample 7.1 Update recordset (VB, C++)
Sample 7.2 Updatable recorset. Writing of changes in separate transaction (VB, C++)
Sample 7.3 Updatable recorset. Controlled mode (VB, C++)
Sample 7.4 Updatable recorset. Testing of query pool (VB)
Sample 8.1 Stored procedure. IN-OUT parameters (VB, C++)
Sample 8.2 Stored procedure. Obtaining of row set (VB)
Sample 8.3 Stored procedure. Use of property std_exec_sp (VB)
Sample 8.4 Stored procedure. ODBC call. IN-OUT parameters (WSF:VBS, C++)
Sample 8.5 Stored procedure. ODBC call. Obtaining of row set (WSF:VBS)
Sample 9.1 ActiveX Components. Manager of generators (VB)
Sample 9.2 ActiveX Components. Clone of connection in ADODB (VB)
Sample 9.3 ActiveX Components. Calculation of CPU time (VB)
Sample 10.1 Database metadata extract (VB)
Sample 10.2 Table metadata extract (VB)
Sample 11 Work with InterBase Exceptions (VB)
Sample 12 Work with InterBase using the ScriptControl (VB)
Sample 13 Usage of bookmarks (VB)
Sample 14 Work with InterBase triggers (VB)
Sample 15 MSSQL Linked Servers. Samples for article (WSF:VBS)
Sample 16 Work with transactions through SQL commands (VB)
Firebird and Delphi samples (author: Andrei Semak)
Sample 1 Work with parameters
Sample 2 Work with IN and OUT parameters in stored procedure
Sample 3 Work with BLOB fields and parameters
Sample 4 RecordSet getting
Sample 5 SELECT with parameter, Command and RecordSet
Sample # dbGo components. Working with Firebird and InterBase in Delphi. Part 1.
Attention: the examples uses MTS. See operators SetComplete and SetAbort.