All IBProvider news

2024-05-18 IBProvider v5.37. Servicing update — ctype_system, ICU v63.1
2024-03-11 Release of IBProvider v5.36.0-1 and ADO.NET provider for .NET8
2024-02-12 Release of IBProvider v5.35 and BIG testing with FB4
2023-12-12 IBProvider v5.34. A support of MSSQL and arrays was improved
2023-10-24 IBProvider v5.33. ZLib v1.3 and improved support of PSQL/DDL
2023-09-19 Final release of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird v4»
2023-09-07 IBProvider v5.31.5. Servicing update
2023-08-18 IBProvider v5.31.1. [HOT FIX] The pair of bugs in built-in Firebird client were fixed
2023-08-17 IBProvider v5.31. Support for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE [FB4] and other improvements
2023-06-20 IBProvider v5.30. DECFLOAT and the advanced support of a connection pool [FB4]
2023-05-22 IBProvider v5.29. The initial support of FB4
2023-05-10 The temporary problem with mail server [fixed]
2023-04-24 IBProvider v5.28
2023-01-25 IBProvider v5.27. Moving on LCPI COM API and the release of Free IBProvider x64
2022-12-15 IBProvider v5.26.1
2022-11-10 We came back with new releases :)
2021-12-20 Release of provider for Entity Framework Core
2021-11-29 IBProvider v5.25 release. Changing of CHAR support
2021-11-08 Visual Studio 2022 support
2021-09-16 ADO.NET Provider v1.23.0. Improved class OleDbDataReader
2021-07-07 ADO.NET Provider v1.22.0. Support for DateOnly, TimeOnly datatypes [.NET6]
2021-04-18 ADO.NET Provider v1.21.0. Added support for .NET Standard 2.1 and .NET 5.0
2021-03-16 Release of IBProvider v5.23
2021-02-12 IBProvider v5.22. LCPI OLE DB Services v1.18. Servicing updates
2020-12-25 Load testing of IBProvider v5.21.1 and Firebird v3.0.7
2020-12-07 ADO.NET Provider v1.20.1. Service update
2020-11-09 IBProvider v5.21.1. Bug fix
2020-10-20 IBProvider v5.21. SQL query parser cache implementation
2020-10-01 IBProvider v5.20. Service update
2020-08-31 Load testing of the release build IBProvider v5.19 (x64, vc16)
2020-07-23 IBProvider v5.19. Advanced load testing
2020-06-03 IBProvider v5.18 and «LCPI OLE DB Services» v1.16
2020-05-22 IBProvider v5.17. «LCPI ADO.NET Provider» v1.20. «LCPI OLE DB Services» v1.15
2020-05-14 ADO.NET Provider v1.19
2020-04-21 IBProvider v5.16 and ADO.NET Provider v1.18
2020-04-09 IBProvider v5.15. Fixed problem with blob objects and connection pool
2020-04-02 IBProvider v5.14 and «LCPI OLE DB Services» v1.14. Migrating to C++17
2020-03-26 Updated installer of ADO.NET provider
2020-03-13 IBProvider v5.13
2020-03-03 ADO.NET provider v1.17
2020-02-27 IBProvider v5.12 and ADO.NET Provider v1.16
2020-01-23 IBProvider v5.11. Support of WireCompression
2019-12-30 IBProvider v5.10
2019-12-10 IBProvider v5.9 and LCPI OLE DB Services v1.12. Moving to a shared thread pool
2019-10-30 IBProvider v5.8. LCPI OLE DB Services v1.11
2019-10-15 IBProvider v5.7. LCPI OLE DB Services v1.10
2019-09-23 ADO.NET provider v1.14.1. Support of .NET Framework 4.8
2019-08-26 Release of IBProvider v5.6
2019-08-06 ADO.NET provider v1.13.1. Fixed issue with VSIX and VS2019
2019-08-03 Load testing IBProvider v5.5.1 and Firebird v3.0.4
2019-06-13 IBProvider v5.5.1 and «LCPI OLE DB Services» v1.9
2019-05-31 Release of IBProvider v5.5. Support of Srp224-Srp512
2019-05-20 IBProvider v5.4. NetProvider v1.13. Service updates
2019-04-11 Visual Studio 2019 support
2019-04-05 Release of IBProvider v5.3. Reorganization of the IBProvider source code
2019-03-18 Release of IBProvider v5.2
2019-03-11 Release of IBProvider v5.1
2019-03-04 ADO.NET provider v1.11. Dialect of database and connection in metadata schema «DataSourceInformation»
2019-02-14 Release of IBProvider v5
2019-01-30 Release of IBProvider v3.55.1
2019-01-04 Termination of release of IBProvider vc10 [VS2010] and vc11xp [VS2012] binaries
2018-12-29 IBProvider v3.55. Security update
2018-12-18 IBProvider v3.54. OLE Services v1.6. ADO.NET Provider v1.9.1. Service updates
2018-11-06 LCPI ADO.NET Provider v1.9. Service update
2018-10-30 ADO.NET provider v1.8. Support of FW4.7.2. New DDEX providers for VS2017
2018-10-10 Load testing of IBProvider v3.52.1 and Firebird v3.0.4. 100% completion
2018-10-03 IBProvider v3.53.1. Service update
2018-09-27 IBProvider v3.53. Improved support for MS SQL Linked Servers
2018-09-05 IBProvider v3.52.1 and new document about «Registration Free COM»
2018-07-30 IBProvider v3.52. Improving support of Firebird v3.0.4
2018-07-16 IBProvider v3.51. Optimization and correction of errors
2018-06-08 Service updates. ADO.NET Provider v1.7.2, IBProvider v3.50.1, «LCPI OLE DB Services» v1.5.1
2018-06-05 Load testing of IBProvider v3.50 and Firebird v3.0.4
2018-05-21 IBProvider «One Time Personal License»
2018-05-08 IBProvider v3.50. Monumental update
2018-03-22 IBProvider v3.49.1. Service update
2018-03-15 IBProvider v3.49. Service update
2018-01-24 Releases of IBProvider v3.48 and ADO.NET provider v1.6
2017-11-14 IBProvider v3.47. LCPI ADO.NET Provider v1.2, v1.3. LCPI OLE DB Services v1.1
2017-10-16 Release of IBProvider v3.46 and ADO.NET provider v1.1.2
2017-10-01 IBProvider v3.45. More flexible support of UTF8
2017-09-18 IBProvider v3.44. Support InterBase 2017. Correction of errors
2017-09-08 IBProvider v3.43. Support of ICU v5.2. Improving of metadata schemas
2017-07-18 IBProvider v3.42. Service update
2017-06-22 New DDEX provider for work with Firebird and InterBase in Visual Studio 2017
2017-05-14 ADO.NET Provider v1.0.8. Service update.
2017-05-11 Release of «LCPI OLE DB Services», updated IBProvider v3.41 and updated ADO.NET provider v1.0.7
2017-04-15 IBProvider v3.40. Service update
2017-03-16 Release of IBProvider v3.39. Service update. Visual Studio 2017 support
2017-03-09 IBProvider v3.38. Service update
2017-02-10 IBProvider v3.37. Service update. Improved error handling
2017-01-18 Release of IBProvider v3.36
2016-12-20 Release of IBProvider v3.35
2016-11-11 Release of IBProvider v3.34 — «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird v3»
2016-10-30 Sneak peek of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird v3»
2016-10-19 Release of IBProvider v3.33
2016-10-06 Release of IBProvider v3.32. Correction of mistake with BLOB
2016-09-08 Summary for testing IBProvider with Firebird 2.5
2016-08-18 IBProvider v3.31. Optimization and solving problems with InterBase
2016-08-01 IBProvider v3.30.2. Service update
2016-07-25 IBProvider v3.30.1. Service update
2016-05-27 Release of IBProvider v3.30. Support of IPv6
2016-05-02 IBProvider v3.29.1. Service update
2016-04-12 IBProvider v3.29. State stabilization
2016-03-25 IBProvider v3.28.2. Service updates
2016-03-17 IBProvider v3.28.1. Improved support of datatype DATE
2016-03-03 IBProvider v3.28. New support for datatype «array»
2016-02-11 IBProvider v3.27.3. Service update. Error corrections
2016-01-28 IBProvider v3.27.2. Correction of an error with MSSQL Linked Server and BLOB
2016-01-20 IBProvider v3.27.1. Service update
2015-12-17 The new IBProvider no longer requires the firebird client!
2015-12-02 Release of IBProvider v3.26 and a sneak peek of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird 2.5»
2015-10-20 IBProvider v3.25. Working with arrays improved
2015-08-24 IBProvider v3.24. ISQLServerErrorInfo implementation and Visual Studio 2015 support
2015-05-20 Updated Free IBProvider supporting Firebird v3 and InterBase XE7
2015-05-20 IBProvider 3.23.1 Release
2015-04-08 Release of ADO.NET provider for OLE DB engines!
2015-03-12 IBProvider 3.23 Release
2015-02-19 IBProvider 3.22 Release
2015-01-30 IBProvider (3.21.2) and .Net Provider updates
2015-01-13 IBProvider 3.21.1. Improving code quality
2014-11-24 Go to Visual Studio 2013 Community!
2014-10-31 IBProvider 3.20.2. Error correction
2014-10-14 Second release candidate of .Net Provider for OleDb
2014-06-13 IBProvider 3.20. Improved a support of MS DTS and SSIS
2014-05-08 IBProvider 3.19.3 and .NET provider [RC]
2014-01-18 IBProvider 3.19. Changes in metadata schemas
2013-12-11 IBProvider 3.18. Better support of MSSQL. Changeover to the new VS2012 compiler
2013-11-20 Release candidate of .Net Provider for OleDb
2013-11-06 New IBProvider 3.17 with new features for LCPI ADO.NET provider
2013-10-17 Update of .NET Provider for OLE DB. Support of schemas implemented
2013-10-15 IBProvider 3.16.5. Removal minor problems
2013-09-24 IBProvider 3.16.4. Support of FB3 was improved. Support of «Maximum Rows» property. Code revision
2013-06-14 With the new LCPI OLE DB .Net provider no longer need to simulate…
2013-06-13 IBProvider 3.16.1-3. Revision and correction of code
2013-04-28 IBProvider 3.16. New features for SQL and for 64bit applications
2013-04-11 IBProvider 3.15. The support of Firebird v3 was improved
2013-03-15 IBProvider 3.14.1. Code revision and optimization
2013-02-20 IBProvider 3.14. New asynchronous accelerator for your Firebird and InterBase
2013-01-19 IBProvider 3.13.3. First new year release and free access to LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB
2012-12-16 IBProvider 3.13.2. Critical errors were fixed. New Windows Installer
2012-11-15 2 reasons why you should upgrade your IBProvider to version 3.13.1 right now
2012-10-17 New features for smart work with text BLOBs in Firebird and InterBase for your programs and components
2012-09-06 IBProvider 3.12. New features for named parameters and nested transactions
2012-06-08 Dozens of new options for working with Firebird and InterBase in the .NET Framework
2012-06-04 IBProvider 3.11.1. Internal changes
2012-05-25 IBProvider 3.11. Clean up. Bug fixes
2012-05-14 IBProvider 3.10.1. Support for encrypted databases of InterBase XE. Internal changes
2012-02-16 IBProvider 3.10. Improved a support of MS DTS and SSIS. Fixed known bugs
2011-11-15 The new IBProvider 3.9.4 improves compatibility with .NET. Fixed known bugs
2011-09-23 New IBProvider v3.9.1 become more faster
2011-08-22 The new version of IBProvider v3.9 is delivered with the warranty(!) of stable performance within systems operating around the clock
2011-06-07 IBProvider v3.8.2. Are your data access components ready for Firebird v3?
2011-05-11 IBProvider v3.8. UDF in metadata schemas. Configuring of transaction isolation parameters. New "Free"
2011-04-03 IBProvider v3.7. Support for BOOLEAN [Firebird v3]
2011-03-03 IBProvider v3.6. New interfaces for rowset and new metadata schema
2011-02-14 IBProvider v3.5. Support for Firebird v2.5.1. Automatic generation of SQL queries has been improved. Support for parameters in SQL scripts
2011-01-14 4 key distinctions of the new IBProvider v3.4 that make your applications faster
2010-12-18 Support of BASE64 charset (InterBase XE), error corrections
2010-11-16 Do you want to enable execution of SQL scripts in your programs and spend less time for exhausting coding?
2010-11-11 Do you want to receive the full-featured IBProvider 64/32? Participate in our contest!
2010-10-20 Do you use TIME and TIMESTAMP in your applications? The new IBProvider version will further simplify your work!
2010-09-16 Implementation of IRowsetBookmark interface. Fixed a support of case-dependent names of database objects in schemas
2010-08-26 Download the final build of IBProvider Professional v3!
2010-07-08 New IBProvider Professional v3 RC5 that supports updatable rowsets is now available
2010-06-11 Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done.
2010-05-07 IBProvider RC4. Query parameters parsing and COM-locking was updated
2010-04-19 Changes in SQL-parser. Support for SQLSTATE and NativeError
2010-03-15 Three Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the New IBProvider
2010-02-14 Be quick to get a free license for IBProvider Professional v3.0.00.8628
2010-01-18 Today, on January 18, 2010, IBProvider celebrates its 10th anniversary
2009-12-15 We have improved PROCEDURES scheme loaders to obtain the text of stored procedures in PROCEDURE_DEFINITION
2009-11-16 Performance of the new IBProvider increased by 4.5 times
2009-10-07 IBProvider The work with large volumes of data was improved
2009-08-13 New IBProvider with queries pool and enhanced working with Delphi
2009-07-10 IBProvider now supports free ways of NULL-processing
2009-07-04 New IBProvider version can emulate BOOLEAN and GUID types when working with Firebird and InterBase
2009-06-11 Query execution cancellation and support of new data type of Firebird v2.5 — SQL_NULL
2009-04-17 16 versions of Firebird and InterBase are now available for recording on 64-bit platforms via MS SQL Linked Server
2009-03-05 IBProvider v3 RC4 with enhanced DDEX support and optimized working with named parameters
2009-02-16 New IBProvider allows comprehensive work in Unicode applications, enhanced work with NONE encoding, and supports charset markers
2009-01-12 The brand new mechanism has been developed in IBProvider v3 for working with Firebird and InterBase text data charsets
2008-11-06 New IBProvider — support of 49 code pages, ability to work without provider registering, prevention of memory leaks in Firebird client
2008-10-03 IBProvider RC3 — added 7 codepages, bugs were fixed, BLOB-fields access and memory management was improved
2008-08-25 The 6 world-wide Firebird Conference in Bergamo, Italy
2008-07-30 IBProvider Disabled metadata cache mode performance was increased in 2.5 times
2008-07-08 New IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 3 is available
2008-06-17 IBProvider v3.0.0.4117. Support of binary data and OCTETS character set
2008-05-12 IBProvider v3.0.0.4047. New implementation of the data types converter
2008-04-07 IBProvider v3 for Windows 64-bit
2008-03-11 IBProvider v3.0.0.3965 RC2. Improving of date and time support
2008-02-08 IBProvider v3.0.0.3861 RC2. Visual Studio 2008 support was improved, work with DTC was corrected
2007-12-26 We have changed the IBProvider license agreements and now give discounts
2007-11-08 The second Russian Firebird and InterBase conference
2007-10-30 New release of IBProvider v3 Free Edition [RC2][Build: 3313]
2007-10-29 IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 2
2007-10-18 IBProvider v3.0.0.3171. Improving of integration with Microsoft Office. Corrections of known bugs
2007-09-13 Support of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio
2007-07-20 IBProvider Professional and IBProvider Free with support of new features of Firebird v2.1
2007-04-27 The latest editions of IBProvider Professional and IBProvider Free are available for download!
2006-12-04 IBProvider v3 Free Edition
2006-10-07 IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 1
2006-08-28 IBProvider [Beta]. IBProvider [Release]. MS SQL 2000/2005 integration improvement
2006-08-13 IBProvider [Beta]. IBProvider [Release]
2006-05-25 IBProvider [Beta]. IBProvider [Release]
2006-05-05 Change of prices to IBProvider. New demo versions are avalible
2006-03-30 IBProvider v2.4.4 (v1.7.26) [build 1885]. IBProvider v3 beta [build 1107]
2006-02-27 IBProvider v1/v2 [build 1877]. IBProvider v3 beta [build 1062]
2005-11-30 IBProvider v2.4.3.1859. Release
2005-11-01 Fix of problem with arithmetic errors in .NET applications
2005-09-28 IBProvider v3 beta [build 913]. Improved support for charsets
2005-09-22 IBProvider v3 beta [build 890]. IBProvider v2/v1 [build 1811]
2005-07-28 IBProvider v3 beta [build 789]. IBProvider v2/v1 [build 1802]. Optimization, support of FB2
2005-06-15 IBProvider v3 beta [build 779]. IBProvider v2/v1 [build 1795]
2005-03-22 IBProvider v2.4.2.1772
2005-02-11 IBProvider v3.0.0.573 beta
2004-12-24 IBProvider v3.0.0.449 beta
2004-11-12 IBProvider v2.4.1.1720/v1.7.23.1720. Release
2004-05-31 IBProvider v2.4.0.1607/v1.7.22.1607. Release
2004-05-14 IBProvider v2.4.0.1588/v1.7.22.1588. Test build
2004-04-30 IBProvider v2.3.3.1523. Test build
2004-03-29 IBProvider v2.3.3.1416. Test build
2003-12-17 IBProvider v2.3.3.1300
2003-10-18 IBProvider v2.3.2.1233
2003-08-22 IBProvider v2.3.1.1184
2003-06-25 IBProvider v2.3.0.1134 — extended support of MS AS and MS SQL
2003-04-23 IBProvider v2.2.0.969 — «Data Links» dialog support, localization
2003-03-31 IBProvider v2.1.2
2003-03-26 IBProvider v2.1.1
2003-03-04 IBProvider v2.1. The error processing mechanism is completely reconstructed
2003-01-23 IBProvider v2.0.1.735. Bug fixes
2002-12-10 The second generation IBProvider
2002-11-21 IBProvider v1.7.11.584 and v1.8.0.584 beta
2002-11-06 IBProvider v1.7.10.542 and v1.8.0.542 beta
2002-10-20 IBProvider v1.7.9.481 and v1.8.0.481 beta
2002-08-12 IBProvider v1.7.6.350 and v1.8.0.350 beta
2002-07-30 IBProvider v1.7.5.311 — bug fixes
2002-07-10 IBProvider v1.7.4.289
2002-06-20 IBProvider v1.7.3.269
2002-05-30 IBProvider v1.7.2.255
2002-05-08 IBProvider v1.7.1
2002-04-22 IBProvider v1.7.0.227. Support of UNICODE
2002-03-29 IBProvider v1.6.3.213
2002-02-28 IBProvider v1.6.2.201
2002-02-08 IBProvider v1.6.2.199
2002-01-19 IBProvider v1.6.1.185
2001-12-24 IBProvider Free v1.5.2
2001-12-13 IBProvider v1.6
2001-11-14 IBProvider v1.5.1 — change of compiler, optimization, IColumnsRowset, etc …
2001-08-30 Support of IN-OUT parameters, arrays …
2001-05-21 Support of stored procedure
2001-05-14 The final touches to RowSet
2001-04-30 Commercial release
2001-03-12 Error corrections
2001-01-03 Support of automatic transactions
2000-12-01 Global rewriting of provider
2000-09-15 Support of IB6