Publish date: 2009-01-12

The brand new mechanism has been developed in IBProvider v3 for working with Firebird and InterBase text data charsets

Changes in IBProvider v2 [build]

  • Addition of UTF-8 charset support
  • Loading of charset information for COLUMN and PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS metadata schemes from system tables.

Changes in IBProvider v3 [build RC3]

New IBProvider v3 offers the brand new scheme for working with text data charsets:

  • We added ctype_user property that allows setting the encoding of data coming to client irrespective of the encoding in which this data is coming from database server.
  • Support of Firebird and InterBase charsets aliases.
  • We added ctype_none property that allows setting the charset for working with text data in NONE encoding.
  • New algorithms of BLOB fields converting provide for quick work with flowing data, optimization of interaction with ICU library.
  • Other important changes.

See detailed information on working with new character set processor in Firebird and InterBase charsets.

Size of text column in Firebird 2.x

IBProvider started to control text columns size when working with Firebird 2 servers in Unicode mode. If the length of loaded data exceeds the text column size the exclusion will be generated. To avoid column size checking connect in ordinary mode and set Unicode_mode=false.

Download IBProvider Professional Edition (64/32 bit)

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