Publish date: 2010-08-26

Download the final build of IBProvider Professional v3!

Today we are overwhelmingly happy because we have finally released the final build of the 3rd version of IBProvider.

Is it possible to write a similar database driver?

Of course, you can write it! All you need is a strong desire and 7 years of free time. Exactly the same time it took us to write the third version of IBProvider.

That’s why our joy is overwhelming, and for you it is an opportunity to avoid our path and start right now using our long-term experience to solve tasks in Firebird or InterBase DBMS programming and administration.

Final build of IBProvider v3 offers:

  • Complete functionality of the previous versions IBProvider v1 and IBProvider v2
  • New scalable internal architecture
  • Support of all Firebird, InterBase and Yaffil versions
  • Updatable rowsets
  • Integration with MS SQL Server and Business Intelligence tools on a brand new level
  • A pool of database queries, caching of resulting selection into a temporary file and other technologies that allow processing of huge(!) volumes of data in the quickest possible time
  • Inbuilt on-the-fly charset converter
  • New types converter, SQL_NULL support, BOOLEAN and GUID emulation, and maximum support of arrays
  • Embedded transactions
  • Improved support of multithread clients
  • Support of Firebird 2.x information properties and algorithms
  • Possibility of client dll selecting from the program and receiving client information (IB Client, IB Client Version, IB Client Name)
  • Escape sequences ODBC 3.5


  • Automated test system for 1 million of tests with the total size of 4 Mb
  • 15(!) megabytes of C++ source texts of the driver itself

New IBProvider v3 follows traditions

Traditionally, we offer one full-fledged release per month, and we included additional functionality into the final version:

1. Support of single string comments in sql query texts:

-- comment single line string
select * from table

2. Possibility of database creation via IDBDataSourceAdmin interface (used in ADOX)

You can read details in article: How to create a Firebird or InterBase database by using ADOX and Visual C# .NET (or VBScript)

If you wish to write applications that:

  • are easily scalable for any versions of Firebird/InterBase server
  • use long-term successful development experience for low-level database access layer
  • safely connect to a database via regularly updated driver with 100% of functionality tested with each release

Publish date: 2010-08-26. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.