Publish date: 2013-04-11

IBProvider 3.15. The support of Firebird v3 was improved

IBProvider and Firebird 3

  • [Added] Support for data types from the third dialect (BIGINT, DATE, TIME, NUMERIC based on INT64) and connection with the first dialect.
  • [Added] Support for query «MERGE INTO … RETURNING …».
  • [Tested] Support for DDL-queries with «SUB ROUTINES».
Attention. FB3 currently under development and is not stable.

Other changes

  • [Fixed] Little issue with the connections pool. See new initialization property reset_ds_session_sinks_rule.
  • [Changed] Starting from this release, provider always gets from server the description of command parameters and uses them. The property force_param_describe now ignored and marked as deprecated.
  • [Fixed] Minor bugs in code.
Attention. For queries with parameters «? is NULL» now need to use the client library from Firebird 2.5+.

Purchases through ShareIt

When buying an IBProvider through ShareIt now you can pay the additional delivery options: «BackupCD» and «Download Protection». If you are not interested to them — just remove them from the list of order’s items.

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