Publish date: 2017-02-10

IBProvider v3.37. Service update. Improved error handling

In the new release, we have continued to revise and improve the existing code base of our OLE DB provider. We have checked and modified quite a lot of files to once again ask the developers of «Araxis Merge Professional» to improve their product 🙂

In addition, we have added a new initialization property to minimize error messages returned by the provider.


  • The initialization property «free_threading» has been removed. This property was added to workaround some implementation issues of the provider that were fixed many years ago.
  • We added verification of the DBPROP::colid field. It must contain the DB_NULLID value. Otherwise, the provider will return the status DBPROPSTATUS_BADCOLUMN.
  • We added control over the values set for the most of the OLE DB initialization properties and rowsets (commands).
  • By default, if «dbclient_type=ib» is specified in the connection string, the 64-bit BProvider now works with «ibclient64.dll». You may specify other DLL by changing the initialization property «dbclient_library».
  • The provider no longer deletes starting and trailing spaces in the value of the property «temp_file_dir».
  • The debugging build now contains many new internal provider status tests. The debugging builds can be found in «IBProvider Developer Pack» available to all users of «IBProvider Professional Edition».

Improved error handling

A new initialization property «provider_error_rules» was added to minimize the number of messages in error descriptions.

By default, the provider returns a very detailed set of messages that allows you to find out the cause of error.

However, it is not always convenient when working with the provider as a linked MSSQL server — the error_message function returns only the last error message.

By specifying «provider_error_rules=0» in the connection string, you’ll force the provider to exclude information messages from error descriptions. Then, in most cases, the error will contain only a server message (Firebird/InterBase).


Currently, the main testing platform is FB3/Win10.

Publish date: 2017-02-10. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.