Publish date: 2020-04-21

IBProvider v5.16 and ADO.NET Provider v1.18

IBProvider v5.16

Getting a query plan

The new OLE DB property of the command and rowset «IBP:StmtInfo.Plan» returns the query plan.

Renaming properties

In both cases, GUID and numeric identifiers remained the same.

Other changes

1. Improved compatibility with the OLE DB specification in terms of working with Read-Only properties.

2. Minor changes to the RowsAffected calculation algorithm.

LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB v1.18

The new property OleDbCommand::Properties returns object of OleDbCommandProperties class and provides the access to OLE DB command properties.

See a new example of using this property — «Getting statement plan».


1. Added a new example demonstrating the use of VBScript in a C# program.

2. You can download the sample code for “LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OL DB” from GitHub.

LCPI .NET SDK for IBProvider

To improve the support of IBProvider in .NET programs, we created a new .NET assembly with the IBProvider SDK.

You can download it from and from your personal account from our website.

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