Publish date: 2023-06-20

IBProvider v5.30. DECFLOAT and the advanced support of a connection pool [FB4]

In the current release, we have continued expanding the support of Firebird v4.

The support of DECFLOAT

The full support of DECFLOAT(16) and DECFLOAT(34) has been implemented. You can use these datatypes for scalar columns and for columns with arrays.

Currently DECFLOAT is mapped on DBTYPE_WSTR.

A pair of new initializing properties were been added — decfloat16_rules and decfloat34_rules.

IBProvider recognizes «SET DECFLOAT ROUND» and «SET DECFLOAT TRAPS» requests and allows the execution of these commands without an active transaction.

The support of ICU v63 [FB4]

The new version of IBProvider supports the ICU v63 from FB4 kit.

The improved support of connection pools

Firebird v4 introduced the «ALTER SESSION RESET» command, which resets the connection to its original state.

IBProvider v5.30 implicitly uses this command and thus ensures that connection pooling works correctly. No additional effort is required from the user.

The provider rejects the explicit execution of the «ALTER SESSION RESET» command, as well as the «CREATE DATABASE …» and «DROP DATABASE» commands.

To demonstrate the work of «ALTER SESSION RESET», a new example has been added — «Resetting the session settings before reusing a connection (C#, FB4)».

The current limitations

Provider does not support reading/writing values with types «TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE» and « TIME WITH TIME ZONE».


The main load test of IBProvider v5.30 was done with using Firebird v4.0.3.2950.

Other changes

«LCPI OLE DB Services» has been updated to version 1.22.2.

«LCPI Easy COM» has been updated to version 1.0.2.

Publish date: 2023-06-20. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.