In our tests, the transaction execution speed for a table of 4,500,000 was only 9 seconds compared to 13 seconds for the same Delphi query

Igor Horev, NPP Samara horizonts

Dear partners!

It’s my pleasure to explain why we chose IBProvider.

The following features were important for our choice:

  • Support of all versions of Firebird/InterBase servers
  • Easy scalability
  • Support of 64-bit applications
  • Possibility of driver fine tuning via the mechanism of initialization properties
  • Integrated data type converter

However, the 3 main reasons for choosing IBProvider were the following:

  1. The transaction execution speed for a table of 4,500,000 was 13 sec for a Delphi query and 9 sec for a IBProvider query (this was the test to ground the purchase of the product).
  2. Economical resource consumption — possibility of parallel work with other database filling Delphi programs.
  3. Crucial for the decision to buy IBprovider was the ability not to interfere with our company’s main product — Volga hardware and software complex.
Igor Horev,
NPP Samara horizons.