Trial expired

But it is not a reason for sadness. Apparently, we just forgot update it.

In this case you can:

# Package Updated Version Actual releases
1IBProvider Professional 32 bit [MSI] [VS2013] [VC12XP]2019-06-
2IBProvider Professional 32 bit [MSI] [VS2015] [VC14XP]2019-06-
3IBProvider Professional 32 bit [MSI] [VS2017] [VC15]2019-06-
4IBProvider Professional 32 bit [MSI] [VS2019] [VC16] [Primary]2019-06-
5IBProvider Professional 64 bit [MSI] [VS2013] [VC12XP]2019-06-
6IBProvider Professional 64 bit [MSI] [VS2015] [VC14XP]2019-06-
7IBProvider Professional 64 bit [MSI] [VS2017] [VC15]2019-06-
8IBProvider Professional 64 bit [MSI] [VS2019] [VC16] [Primary]2019-06-
9IBProvider Developer Pack 32/64 bits [DLL, PDB, MSI, CRT]2019-06-
10LCPI OLE DB Services 32bit [MSI] [VS2017] [VC15]2019-06-
11LCPI OLE DB Services 32bit [MSI] [VS2019] [VC16] [Primary]2019-06-
12LCPI OLE DB Services 64bit [MSI] [VS2017] [VC15]2019-06-
13LCPI OLE DB Services 64bit [MSI] [VS2019] [VC16] [Primary]2019-06-

This will help you pass the time until we update the outdated trial package.

Or you can join our beloved customers, buying a license. After this you will get the desired distributive without any limitation immediately.

Best regards, IBProvider team.