Information OLE DB properties of Data Source

Active Session IB Database ODS Version ORDER BY Columns in Select List
Catalog Location IB Database Page Size Output Parameter Availability
Catalog Term IB ODS Minor Version del! Persistent ID Type
Catalog Usage IB ODS Version del! Prepare Abort Behavior
Column Definition IB Remote Connection del! Prepare Commit Behavior
Connection Status IB Savepoint Support Procedure Term
Data Source Name Identifier Case Sensitivity Provider Friendly Name
Data Source Object Threading Isolation Levels Provider Name
Data Source Type Isolation Retention Provider Owned Memory
DBMS Name Maximum Index Size Provider Version
DBMS Version Maximum Row Size Quoted Identifier Sensitivity
GROUP BY Support Maximum Row Size Includes BLOB Read-Only Data Source
Heterogeneous Table Support Maximum Tables in SELECT Rowset Conversions on Command
IB Base Multi-Table Update Schema Term
IB Base Level del! Multiple Parameter Sets Schema Usage
IB Client Multiple Results Server Name
IB Client Level del! Multiple Storage Objects SQL Support
IB Client Name NULL Collation Order Structured Storage
IB Client Version NULL Concatenation Behavior Subquery Support
IB Connection Dialect OLE DB Version Table Term
IB Database Creation Date OLE Object Support Transaction DDL
IB Database Dialect Open Rowset Support User Name

Other sets of properties