Rowset and command OLE DB properties

Access Order IColumnsRowset named_param_prefix
ado_exec_sp del! IConnectionPointContainer named_param_rules
Append-Only Rowset IConvertType odbc_call_sp del!
array_type IDBAsynchStatus Others' Changes Visible
array_vt_type del! ignore_err_param Others' Inserts Visible
asynch_fetch ignore_unprepare Own Changes Visible
Asynchronous Rowset Processing Immobile Rows Own Inserts Visible
auto_gen_key_rule insert_sql Prepare Stmt
auto_insert_field_rule IRowset Preserve on Abort
auto_param_describe IRowsetBookmark Preserve on Commit
auto_update_field_rule IRowsetChange query_pool_size del!
Blocking Storage Objects IRowsetCurrentIndex Quick Restart
Bookmark Type IRowsetFind refresh_sql
Bookmarks Ordered IRowsetIndex refresh_trans_level
Change Inserted Rows IRowsetInfo refresh_trans_type
clear_param_info IRowsetLocate Remove Deleted Rows
deferred_data IRowsetRefresh Return Pending Inserts
deferred_out_param IRowsetResynch Row Threading Model
Delay Storage Object Updates IRowsetScroll rowset_file__sys_flags
delete_sql IRowsetUpdate rowset_file__write_block_size
disconnected_rowset ISequentialStream rowset_vm_using
exec_sp_named_param ISSAsynchStatus Scroll Backwards
Fetch Backwards ISupportErrorInfo Server Data on Insert
first_week_day Literal Bookmarks Skip Row Count Results
force_param_describe del! Literal Row Identity std_exec_sp del!
force_prepare_stmt Lock Mode support_odbc_query
Hidden Column Count Maximum Open Rows support_square_delim_name
Hold Rows Maximum Rows truncate_char
IAccessor Memory Usage Unique Rows
IBP_RS_INFO: Result Storage Size modify_trans_level Updatability
IBP_RS_INFO: Using File Storage modify_trans_type update_sql
IColumnsInfo multi_stmts_exec_rules Use Bookmarks

Other sets of properties