Publish date: 2007-10-29

IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 2

IBProvider team is pleased to announce IBProvider v3 Release Candidate 2, which already become a part of IBProvider Professional Edition. We have fixed all known bugs and implemented new unique features.

ODBC Escape Sequences (ODBC 3.5)(ODBC 3.5):

  • 69 ODBC functions (including string, math, system, convert and date time functions);
  • 3 sequences for getting date and time;
  • The ODBC CALL escape sequence for calling a procedure;

Firebird 2.1 is supported:

  • New SQL statements:
    You can read details in the article: Using of Firebird 2.1 features in the ADO .Net
  • Provider core algorithms were optimized.
    RDB$PROCEDURE_TYPE feature was implemented. It is allowing quick Prepare() for stored procedures.

New information properties were added. IB Client, IB Client Version and IB Client Name allow reading version info from client library (fbclient, gds32)

IBProvider Professional Edition.

Integration with Microsoft Office has improved.

Current release is support:

  • Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard. You can retrieve data from InterBase and Firebird and use them in the mailing automation.
  • Microsoft Excel Import Data Wizard. You can import data from single table or as a join of many tables through the SQL query.

More about improvements you will read in the news from 18 October 2007

IBProvider has known about 13 database server types, include Firebird 2.1 and InterBase 2007 It is automatically setup own core when client connect to a server. Setup has included the following actions:

  • Defining keywords list and reserved words list;
  • Loading an ODBC Escape Sequences parser;
  • Selecting nested transaction algorithms;
  • Selecting other server algorithms;
  • Selecting a metadata provider;
  • Detecting a supported dialect;

IBProvider has made connection stable, standard and simple, thus client do not worry about low level database interaction and only think about own business tasks.

Support of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Business Intelligence

Linked Server technology is a simple way to integrate applications based on Microsoft SQL Server with applications, based on another data sources. IBProvider support this technology, therefore integration with SQL Server now available for Firebird and InterBase.

Under Business Intelligence term we have found powerful toolkit for developing wide type of applications. It has included:

  • Reporting Services for creating and delivering reports;
  • Integrations Services for developing ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load );
  • Analysis Services for effective data mining and multidimensional analysis. OLAP;

IBProvider support ODBC Escape Sequences. This feature allows applying all power of multidimensional analysis in Analysis Services, and with small efforts getting information in time dimensions and doing mathematical calculations.

Currently OLE DB is supported by most environments and toolkits including:

  • Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio .Net;
  • Microsoft Office, VBA;
  • C++ Builder and Delphi;
  • WSH, VBScript, Java Script;
  • ASP, ASP .Net;
  • Crystal Reports;
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, including Business Intelligence (Integration, Reporting and Analysis Services);

IBProvider is offering solution, which can be easy integrated into the developing process and used with most environments or toolkits.

IBProvider is the ideal solution for desktop applications with embedded database and for large projects with gigabyte-sized databases, with ETL, data mining and analysis processes.

Download IBProvider Professional Edition right now.

Publish date: 2007-10-29. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.