Publish date: 2007-10-18

IBProvider v3.0.0.3171. Improving of integration with Microsoft Office. Corrections of known bugs

Microsoft Word

IBProvider now can provide data for Mail Merge Wizard in Microsoft Word:

Wizard is available from menu item Data->Letters and Mailings->Mail Merge.

More information about Mail Merge you can find on the Microsoft Office site in article Word mail merge: A walk through the process.

Microsoft Excel

Import function was improved.

You can build your query from Excel for Firebird/InterBase database from menu item Data->Import Export Data->Import Data. IBProvider now support two import modes (via table or via SQL query).

Bug fixes

  • Error reading auto_commit_ddl_level initialization property
  • Incorrect provider behavior: when client tried to insert a few records, which contains BLOB fields, through the MS SQL Linked Server. BLOB values were skipped for all rows except first.

The following SQL query, now works correctly:

INSERT INTO [firebird_linked_server]...[some_table] (ID,BLOB_TEXT)
SELECT ID, BLOB_TEXT FROM [mssql_database].[dbo].[goods]

Current versions of IBProvider

  • IBProvider v1 (
  • IBProvider v2 (
  • IBProvider v3 (

You can download them as a part of IBProvider Professional Edition.

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