Publish date: 2011-05-11

IBProvider v3.8. UDF in metadata schemas. Configuring of transaction isolation parameters. New "Free"

User Defined Functions in metadata schemas.

  • The provider publishes data about UDF in PROCEDURES and PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS schemas.
  • The column [PROCEDURES].[PROCEDURE_DEFINITION] contains the text with UDF declarations — «DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION …».
  • The provider supports the all FB/IB versions and Yaffil. Including — Firebird 3.0 (ODS 12.0).

Configuring of transaction isolation levels.

Now you can configure the parameters for supported isolation levels: read_committed, repeatable_read и serializable. For these purposes were defined the new initialization properties: ib_tr_params__read_committed, ib_tr_params__repeatable_read, ib_tr_params__serializable.

The provider supports next tags: read, write, wait, nowait, rec_version, no_rec_version, read_committed, concurrency, consistency.

Important changes

  • Transaction parameters

    Isolation Old parameters New parameters
    Read Committed write read_committed no_rec_version wait write read_committed rec_version nowait
    Repeatable Read write concurrency wait write concurrency nowait
    Serializable write consistency wait write consistency nowait

  • The support for isolation level CHAOS was removed.
  • The support for ISOLATIONLEVEL_UNSPECIFIED was removed.

The support for SQL_BIT in ODBC function CONVERT.

  • When you work with FB3, IB7+, the statement «{fn CONVERT(value, SQL_BIT)}» will be transformed into «CAST((value) AS BOOLEAN)».

New runtime of Visual Studio 2008.

  • The new provider uses a new runtime of Visual Studio 2008 — 9.0.30729.5570.

New Free IBProvider v3.8.

  • All last changes from IBProvider Professional Edition.
  • Added the support of Firebird 2.1.

Publish date: 2011-05-11. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.