Publish date: 2013-12-11

IBProvider 3.18. Better support of MSSQL. Changeover to the new VS2012 compiler

In the new release:

  • Improved performance of the provider as a linked MSSQL server.
  • Provider compilation with Visual Studio 2012.


  • Update of the article on configuration and usage of linked MSSQL server.
  • Update of the MSI installers.

IBProvider changes for linked MSSQL server.

Provider compilation with Visual Studio 2012.

Main binary files of the provider are now compiled using VS2012.

New names of the provider DLLs:

  • _IBProvider_v3_vc11xp_i.dll
  • _IBProvider_v3_vc11xp_lite_i.dll
  • _IBProvider_v3_vc11xp_w64_i.dll
  • _IBProvider_v3_vc11xp_w64_lite_i.dll

New Visual C++ CRT files:

  • msvcr110.dll
  • msvcp110.dll
However, at this point we preserve compatibility of the IBProvider source code with the previous versions of Visual Studio: 2008 and 2010. We continue to create private assemblies using these Visual Studio versions. Thus, if you need binary files compiled with VS2008 or VS2010, please contact the provider’s support team.

New linked MSSQL server configuration and usage guide.

We rewrote the linked MSSQL server configuration and usage guide «from scratch». The new guide was written for MSSQL 2012 and Firebird 2.5.

If you have improvement suggestions, please send your comments.

Update of the MSI installers of the provider.

  1. UI improved:

  2. MSI file name format changed:
    • IBProvider_prof_vc11xp_64bit_3.18.0.15640.r0.msi
    • IBProvider_prof_vc11xp_32bit_3.18.0.15640.r0.msi
Attention! Next year (2014), we plan to cease the use of the old installers created with «Inno Setup». The corresponding files will be removed from the download section of the private areas. Only MSI installers will remain.

Publish date: 2013-12-11. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.