Publish date: 2015-10-20

IBProvider v3.25. Working with arrays improved

1. Support of multidimensional arrays corrected.

2. To eliminate the problems related to the error of VARCHAR arrays processing on the Firebird and InterBase level, arrays with VARCHAR strings are now processed as arrays with CHAR strings.

In the future versions of IBProvider, we will try to walkaround this server error and achieve correct processing of arrays with VARCHAR strings.


1. The new build ( has undergone multithreaded load testing with Firebird 2.5.

2. We haven’t forgotten about our plans to put into practice the IBProvider built-in network client for working with Firebird 2.5 and we would like to announce the real progress in this direction:

Recently, we have committed the first 1.5 MB of source code of this new subsystem. 18K of tests were created for it.

This work took one year. We will try to do the rest of the work much faster.

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