Publish date: 2015-12-02

Release of IBProvider v3.26 and a sneak peek of «Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird 2.5»

We have finished work on the new version IBProvider 3.26 and we want you to take a sneak peek at the next version 3.27 that will allow you to work with Firebird 2.5 without using fbclient.dll.

Release of IBProvider v3.26

In this release, we have introduced the following changes to the provider:

  1. Server errors are now separated into their own error records. The string with error source description will contain server name: «Firebird», «InterBase» or «Yaffil».
  2. The initialization property «dbclient_type» now supports only 3 values: «fb», «ib» and «ya».
  3. Optimized definition of the execution method for stored procedures (select or execute) for all InterBase and Firebird versions lower than 2.1.
  4. Revised pages of the «Data Link» connection settings dialog.
  5. Multiple internal changes.

Good news for all those who use IBProvider for interaction with Firebird!

We have finished development of the new subsystem «IBProvider Professional Edition» that allows you to work with Firebird 2.5 via INET-protocol (TCP/IP) without using fbclient.dll.

The new functionality will be unavailable in «IBProvider Free Edition».

To connect to Firebird 2.5 without using fbclient.dll:

  1. Install the Trial of version 3.27.
  2. Set the initialization property «dbclient_type» to the «» value.
  3. In the «location» property, specify connection via TCP/IP.

Examples of the connection string parameters:

  • «;location=localhost:d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=localhost/3050:d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://localhost/d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://localhost:3050/d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://\database\employee.fdb»
This build has undergone standard functional and load testing, thus we do not expect it to cause any problems.

Nevertheless, during next two (or possibly three) weeks additional testing will be performed. Then version 3.27 will be released.

At last, we have an offer for you! Everyone who purchases or renews the IBProvider license before the release of version 3.27 will get the extra months of free updates.

Purchase the license now and you’ll have more than one year of updates after the release of v3.27.

Publish date: 2015-12-02. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.