Publish date: 2015-12-17

The new IBProvider no longer requires the firebird client!

We have an excellent New Year present for all our users — the latest and greatest update of IBProvider v3!

  • As of the current released version, there is no longer a need for the fbclient.dll (or other derivatives) — which makes the installation trouble-free and avoids the issue with different versions of firebird resident on the same server.
  • We have done everything we promised. And even a little more. The new version can directly connect not only to Firebird 2.5 but also to all previous releases: FB0.9, FB1, FB1.5, FB2.0 and FB2.1.

What does it mean?

  • The programs interacting with Firebird via IBProvider will become more reliable.
  • Configuring the software environment for connection with Firebird databases has been simplified.

How do I enable this?

In the connection string, specify «» and INET address of the database. Examples of the connection properties:

  • «;location=localhost:d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=localhost/3050:d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://localhost/d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://localhost:3050/d:\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://\database\employee.fdb»
  • «;location=inet://\database\employee.fdb»

That’s all you need to do!

What about the support for Firebird v3?

This is on our roadmap as a priority item — stay tuned for more news about this!

Аnd for InterBase?

Embarcadero has been approached for assistance — if they come to the party we will try to implement similar support for InterBase.

What’s next?

Next we’ll have New Year 2016 first! And then begin implementing further enhancements to the product.

Publish date: 2015-12-17. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.