Publish date: 2016-08-18

IBProvider v3.31. Optimization and solving problems with InterBase

Six years ago in August 2010, we released IBProvider v3, the provider for IB/FB with new architecture.

Since then, we have released 72 updates. This is one update per month in average.

We also managed to create a high quality ADO.NET provider and taught IBProvider to work directly with Firebird.

How do we do it?

It’s simple. We love our job very much. And spend all our time on it.

And what is more, we highly appreciate the trust given by our clients. Thank you!

Optimization of the new IBProvider version

1. During performance testing it became apparent that fair implementation of the connection status checking (getting the value of the property «Connection Status») reduced performance quite a lot. That’s why we simplified this code and added the possibility of choosing the mode for connection status checking with the initialization property «check_cn_status».

2. We utilized the capabilities of the provider in full and cut the number of accesses to server during preparation of SQL queries.

Solving problems with InterBase

Starting from version v3.28.2, when executing the query «SAVEPOINT …» for InterBase databases the provider was returning the following errors:

[BUG CHECK] Unknown statement type id: 0. DBMS: WI-V12.0.4.357. Check point [isc_common__svc__is_selectable_stmt__std::is_selectable_stmt][#001].

In the current version, this problem has been solved.

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