Publish date: 2019-02-14

Release of IBProvider v5

We are proud to introduce the fifth version of our basic product for working with Firebird and InterBase.

IBProvider v5 inherits all the best from IBProvider v3 and dramatically improves the quality of implementation of the OLE DB components.

For the last few years, the main development line of IBProvider was fixing problems that prevented its stable operation. First of all, we had to fix problems not related to the provider itself — we rewrote the client for Firebird and the standard pool of OLE DB connections. It took a lot of time and resourses, but it was worth it.

Now the time has come to get to IBProvider itself.

Instead of local fixes, within the support of the third version we redesigned the inner infrastructure of the OLE DB components of IBProvider taking into account the entire experience gained over the last years. In part, the ideas were taken from our ADO.NET provider.

The main qualities of IBProvider v5 are reliability and fail safety.

In addition, in the fifth version we:

  • Improved working with memory.
  • Improved working with MT locks.
  • Improved compatibility with the specification of OLE DB providers.
  • Improved security of external (OLE DB) interface.

IBProvider v5 was tested with existing and new tests in the conditions surpassing industrial operation scenarios.

Some of the key changes were postponed to exclude the risk of problems with transfer to the fifth version of the provider.

Programmatic identifiers of IBProvider v5 are «LCPI.IBProvider.5» and «LCPI.IBProvider.5.Lite». Components of the fifth version have their own CLSID set. Thus, you can install and use IBProvider v5 and IBProvider v3 simultaneously.

When using IBProvider v5 as a linked MSSQL server, don’t forget to configure the provider: «Allow InProcess», «Dynamic Parameter» and other parameters.

The fifth version of the provider is only available for those who have licenses for IBProvider Professional Edition.

Publish date: 2019-02-14. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.