Publish date: 2020-01-23

IBProvider v5.11. Support of WireCompression

Starting from the current version (5.11), the built-in IBProvider client for Firebird ( has support for connection data compression.

Firebird supports data compression starting from the third version (protocol 13). To compress data, FB3 uses «zlib1.dll» library.

To configure compression in IBProvider, new connection initialization properties are added:

To enable compression, just specify «remote:wire_compression=enabled» in the connection string.

By default, IBProvider uses a built-in implementation of data compressor algorithms.

You can use an external compressor implementation. To do this, specify «remote:wire_compression_type=zlib1.dll» in the connection string. Using the «remote:wire_compression_library» and «remote:wire_compression_library_64» properties, you can redefine the name and indicate the location of the compressor module (DLL).

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