Publish date: 2020-02-27

IBProvider v5.12 and ADO.NET Provider v1.16

IBProvider v5.12

  • Added a support for IDENTITY-columns of FB3. Now IColumnsRowset interface returns rowset with a new column DBCOLUMN_ISAUTOINCREMENT, which allows detecting IDENTITY-columns of result set. See a new example on C# with demonstration of reading this attribute of columns.
  • Improved integration with zlib1 (FB3 connection data compressor) and built-in client for FB. Now zlib1 error Z_MEM_ERROR is mapped on the COM error E_OUTOFMEMORY.

ADO.NET Provider v1.16

  • Correction of OleDbDataReader created with CommandBehavior.SchemaOnly flag. New release allows a call of Read, HasRows and RecordsAffected methods. In previous versions, the provider denied calls to these methods and raised an exception.

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