Publish date: 2023-01-25

IBProvider v5.27. Moving on LCPI COM API and the release of Free IBProvider x64


This release of our components for Firebird and InterBase offers a new solution to the task of using IBProvider without registration in the system.

We solved it in the most radical way — we created our own implementation of the COM API called «LCPI Easy COM».

You can read about this thing in our new document — «IBProvider and LCPI COM API» and download it from your personal account on our website.

Do not worry — Native Windows COM support is still there and by default all our components work with standard COM.

Furthermore, these changes only affect vc17 (VS2022) builds. Binaries with signature vc16- (VS2019-) only work with standard COM.

The new feature covers the following components:

  • IBProvider v5.27 (vc17)
  • LCPI OLEDB Services v1.22 (vc17)
  • LCPI ADO.NET Data provider for OLEDB v1.26

Programs those work with IBProvider via ADODB and System.Data.OleDb will not be able to use the new functionality. However, they will continue working with the new IBProvider without any problems.

In addition to the new document «IBProvider and LCPI COM API», a new example has been added to the installation kit of ADO.NET provider — «Work with IBProvider via LcpiComApiProvider».

We have done extensive testing on the new release and do not expect any issues with it.

The release of Free IBProvider x64

We decided to make this world a bit better and provide an access to the 64-bit Free IBProvider.

Free IBProvider (vc17, 32/64bit) is available in a customer’s area.

What is next

We remember all the requests and problems of our customers and our promises to them.

Although the overall complexity of this project has already gone beyond all reasonable limits, we will try to move on in order to continue receiving your feedback «Thank you. Everything works fine».

Publish date: 2023-01-25. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.
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