Updated: 2018-05-05

OLE DB Property of Rowset and Command — «modify_trans_type»

It derives initialization property modify_trans_type
2, 3, 5

Determination of the transaction utilized for the operations of the record of changes in database. Allowed values:

Value Description
0 If automatic transaction is used for reading of row set data, then separate short transaction will be used for the record of changes (see 2). If user explicitly started transaction to select some data then namely it will be used for data update (see 1).
1 Main transaction with data selection is used.
2 Separate short transaction is used. In this mode you can avoid DEAD blocking but there is no any guarantee for database integrity.

Focus attention that the automatic transaction is committed when closing the row set. Therefore, after setting the property in 1 and after opening row set in automatic transaction, you will not be able to see any changes in database as long as you will not release row set.

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