Publish date: 2014-10-14

Second release candidate of .Net Provider for OleDb

We are pleased to announce the second release candidate of our .NET Data Provider for interaction with Firebird and InterBase via IBProvider. By now, we have implemented all the functionality of System.Data.OleDb. If you want to transfer your .NET projects for FB/IB to the new level of functionality and quality, we recommend you to start using «LCPI .NET Data Provider for OLE DB». If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us.

Key capabilities of .NET Provider

You can have a look at the list of key components and capabilities of .NET Provider here.

Changes in .NET Provider

  • Connection cloning implemented for creation of parallel transactions. See the OleDbConnection::CloneSession method. Example #17.
  • The OleDbConnectionStringBuilder component improved.
  • New service components:
    1. OleDbEnumeratorColumnNames
    2. OleDbMetaDataCollectionColumnNames
    3. OleDbMetaDataCollectionNames
    4. OleDbErrorSupport
    5. OleDbTypeSupport
  • Support of other OLE DB providers slightly improved.

DDEX Provider

Now we have a full-fledged integration with Server Explorer from Visual Studio (2008/2010/2012). DDEX providers allow navigation through:

  1. System tables
  2. User tables
  3. User views (VIEW)
  4. Stored procedures
  5. Stored functions
Screenshot. Visual Studio 2012. Server Explorer with "LCPI ADO.NET DDEX Provider". Viewing of standard Firebird database - employee.fdb.
Visual Studio 2012. Server Explorer.

We tried to make our DDEX provider of a higher quality than the DDEX provider for System.Data.OleDb.

When you set up a connection via IBProvider, enable:

  1. Automatic transactions — «auto_commit=true»
  2. Inclusion of a prefix into parameter name — «named_param_rules=1″
Data Links: setup of "auto_commit" property.
Permit of automatic transactions.
Data Links: setup of "named_param_rules" property.
Inclusion of a prefix into parameter name.

New EXE installer

To ensure correct registration of DDEX providers in the system, we had to create an additional shell for MSI package – Bootstrapper. The user interface was localized for your convenience.

Screenshot of "LCPI ADO.NET Data Provider for OLE DB" EXE installer. Page of components configuration.
New installer for .NET provider.

The user functionality of Bootstrapper most closely resembles that UI MSI-package. We hope you will not have any problems starting and using it.

MSI package is still available for download from user accounts. To install DDEX providers correctly, you need to run the MSI package installation with system administrator rights. Bootstrapper provides this automatically.

Publish date: 2014-10-14. Copyright: IBProvider. This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link required.